travel: Munich, Germany

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Our taxi picked us up for the airport at 4.30am.

I would usually need some caffeine pumped straight into my veins at this hour, but the adrenaline, the excitement of meeting up with Ryan and this train trip in Europe with Oma had me well jazzed.

It was Oma’s maiden voyage in a British black cabbie and the driver tried every pick up line that he could muster up (she is a thing of beauty though, let’s be honest). We laughed and quickly grabbed a coffee before the terminal. The last time we were on a plane together, I was in high-school. I was filled with giddy excitement reminiscent of my teenager years as we walked the tarmac to our plane.

We kept ourselves entertained on the flight with Rick Steve’s guide to Croatia and playing  21 Questions. Her answers made me laugh, tear up, and see her a little differently as she shared her heart and told me stories of her childhood and past. Things I had to note down that I just don’t want to forget. Side note: She once dreamed of joining a traveling circus from Peru, Indiana. It’s never too late, Oma.



After landing in Stuttgart, Germany we met up with Ryan. Being happy to see him is an understatement. We could not stop holding hands. I held him tight. Kissed him every 3 minutes. Talked his ear off. And my joy meter was off the charts. My normal was back.

The first train leg of our big adventure was Munich but the Scottish weather followed us. We were shocked to get off the train and be hit with wind and rain , 42F / 5C.
Munich is chic and elegant even in crummy weather. I will remember: copper and turquoise rooftops. Rathaus tower views in Munich city centre.  Strolling the main street with wind in our faces. Oma warming my hand in her pocket.  Devouring sausage + sauerkraut rolls. And of course, Ryan’s pretzel, the size of his face.

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We definitely enjoyed our unseasonably cold time in Munich but found ourselves daydreaming of our final destination along the Adriatic Sea. I would love to see more of Germany, but this quick layover was a nice connection option before boarding our next train.

We found the Eurail passes easy to order and train timetables easy to navigate with their smart app for iPhone and Android. Have you ever planned a trip with Eurail? I would love to hear your stories or suggestions for smooth train travel in Europe.

Up next: Salzburg, Austria




Travel: Tübingen, Germany

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If you have not yet heard, Ryan is away in Germany and I am holding down the fort in Edinburgh. By the time I return from our trip this week we will be halfway through Ryan’s programme in Tübingen! To celebrate the big victory, I think Ryan will treat himself to a sprinkle donut from Dunkin Donuts/a new book and I’ll be slamming some banana chips with almond butter/a new nail polish colour. Oh the little things.

A few weeks ago, I made a quick visit to Tübingen. It is a very charming, traditional German village in the southwestern part of the country. It was one of the few villages to not be destroyed during the war, meaning that its medieval old town has been preserved and a great place to see original architecture and city layout for the time period. The city is buzzing with students, something like one in three people are students. It is surrounded with dense woods, parks, trails, rivers and hills, did I mention hills?   

Once again, Airbnb provided the perfect accommodation in short notice. It was a relief to not have to spend our weekend in Ryan’s dorm and be able to sip our coffees, cook our meals, watch soccer matches and snuggle, obviously.  It was such a treat to catch up with my guy, see where he is living, hear him speak German and get a taste of his semester abroad-abroad.

[The highlights of this trip] Wandering narrow cobblestones roads. Getting our shoes muddy in the forest. Taking in hilltop views of blue sky and rolling green hills. Perusing markets and admiring the variety of produce. Being fascinated with all the different types of muesli, Haribo’s and Ritter Sport chocolate – Germans know what they are doing. Went on a mad hunt for the best sauerkraut ended up with some delicious falafel. Cravings are weird sometimes ya know?



















This week, my Oma and I will go meet Ryan for our long-awaited train trip. We will be using Eurail for the first time- traveling from Germany, through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia!


Thank you for your prayers and kind emails to both of us during this time apart. Friends, you have been so good getting me out of the house and making plans with me, it means a lot.

Thanks for sharing life with us! x