My other half in Tübingen

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His alarm went off at 3:45 this morning. 

I crawled out of bed to keep him company, make sure he remembered all of his last minute items- passport, phone charger, gum, my letter to read on the plane and tell him over and over how much I love him. I did not want him to be late for his bus but I did not want to let him go. Is it possible to suffer dehydration from crying? Happy tears, sad tears, scared tears, proud tears- all the tears. 

Today he lands in Stuttgart, Germany and half of me went with him.


Ryan will be living in Tübingen, Germany and taking a 15-week language course at the University of Tübingen. This time will also allow him to access some very important theological texts and a research archive in Erlangen for his dissertation. We applied for this opportunity a year ago, received funding from the university and I cannot believe that this day is here. I am so proud of all the time, effort and energy that Ryan puts into his PhD. He is easily the most disciplined person that I know and I am his biggest cheerleader throughout this process. No doubt this time apart will be difficult, but I am hopeful that we will come out on the other end of this better for it.

It will be quite the adjustment for both of us over the summer. I do not envy his renewed twin-bed, noisy hallway, dorm-life very much. He will share a small kitchen with his hallway, so over the past couple of months I have taught him easy meals to ‘cook’ on his own. I think he will get his fill of muesli, scrambled eggs, avocado toast and tuna salad over the next few months. I will be keeping myself distracted with tennis lessons, restoring my old bike and craft nights with friends.

This weekend in Edinburgh was a special one. We took time to slow down and really enjoy each other, filling our days with all of our favourite things. Long, slow breakfasts at our flat, seeing a movie at The Cameo, long walks in our neighborhood, sitting on sunny benches in Prince’s Street Gardens, sipping warm drinks at the new  Cairngorm Coffee and Leo + Ted’s, a competitive (and friendly) match of tennis at Inverleith Park, chilling out and listening to Chvrhes while cooking in our kitchen. These are moments that I will treasure during this time apart. We have booked travel plans to see each other every three weeks until the end of July.  It feels better to think of it in three week chunks rather than keeping a 100-day countdown. 

For those of you know that us personally, or if you feel like praying for strangers, we would covet your prayers for this time of transition for us.


May our eyes be open to the way the Lord is working in our lives, on our behalf, right now, whatever our circumstance may be, Let us trust in His past faithfulness for our future, May this be a moment of great faith in our story, May God keep watch between us when we are out of each other’s sight, Put us like a seal on one another’s heart, Whatever our hands find to do, let us do it well, with purpose for His namesake, for His kingdom and His glory, Help us Lord to love well, to pray well to be apart well. Amen


With love,

from Scotland (and Germany)  x


4 thoughts on “My other half in Tübingen

  1. You two are so precious. You WILL survive being apart. Think of the war wives who said goodbye for three or four years while their hubbies went off to danger. I remember these brave women waiting at the post office for letters from their husbands, sons, boyfriends, no phone communication while they were overseas. Really sad. Love you, Grandma Audrey


  2. Thinking of you 2 and remembering the many times Uncle Nelson and I were apart. Sounds like you will keep busy and that is what I did! Just keep your eye on the Lord and the prize at the end of this journey. This time next year you will be thinking, wow! that wasn’t so bad! Love you!


  3. So wishing I could be there for some crafty nights with you, my girl! Thinking of you so much as you miss Ry…hang in there dear one! Love you!!


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