Thrive on Five + The Detox Kitchen Bible

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There was a cartoon I watched when I was a kid called ‘Arthur’. Yep, it was one of those feel-good, educational cartoons, that your parents didn’t feel too bad letting you binge watch because it always taught you a lesson. Anyways, Arthur and his friends used to sing a song that went a little something like this… “Having fun isn’t hard – When you’ve got a library card!” Over and over about eight times. Perhaps this fostered a love for the library at a young age but I do find it really fun and addicting to get as many free books as you want, week after week!

Sign. me. up!

This week I picked up two cookbooks that have been on my reserve list for quite sometime, Thrive on Five and The Detox Bible. I was looking for some vegetable inspiration and let’s be honest, I am a sucker for nice recipe pictures. Give me all the picture books.


Thrive on Five 

We all know we need to eat our five-a-day, but sometimes it can be hard. No longer. Over half the recipes in this book are carefully created to include all five in just one dish. Some of the recipes I will definitely be adding to my menu plans over the next couple of weeks include;

  • Rainbow Stuffed Peppers
  • Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup w/ Ginger + Tumeric
  • Aubergine Curry w/ Coconut + Tumeric
  • Sweet Potato + Courgette Falafel
  • GF Spiced Carrot + Date Muffins

All the recipes are meat-free, but are easily adaptable to include meat or fish. It is also very friendly for particular diets; 5:2, low fat, low carb, vegan and gluten-free.  I like that all the recipes appear to be quick, inexpensive, good for bulk batches, and using local British larder or easily available produce.



The Detox Kitchen Bible 

Next up, you may have heard of Lily Simpson. She is dedicated to a philosophy of great health, amazing food, and has a very inspirational (and beautiful Instagram) @thedetoxkitchen

You can imagine that it doesn’t take long flipping through the pages of this book to see bright, delicious looking recipes with unique flavor combinations and nourishing options. It is an all-in-one cookbook for those of us looking for all things wheat, dairy and refined sugar free! Looking to add some of these beauties to my weekly repertoire;

  • Avocado Smash w/ Toasted Nuts + Seeds
  • Broccoli Stalk + Cashew Spread
  • Fennel, Apple + Butternut Squash Salad
  • Quinoa, Kale + Pistachio Burgers
  • Chicken Burgers w/ Beetroot Relish

And if it couldn’t get better, this cookbook is a very educational guide about daily well-being and detoxing. With nutritional guides and tailored plans to support your particular health needs, and issues that may be benefited from each recipe. It covers common health needs like gaining energy, getting clearer skin, relieving IBS, supporting fertility and alleviating osteoporosis. Health issues or not, sometimes it’s good to just reset our system with a nurturing detox.

Bonus! Here is a link to download your free pdf cookbook from the Detox Kitchen Facebook page.

What cookbooks have you been reading or can recommend with a big smile?

Happy weekending!


Basil Vinaigrette

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If you’re like me, I find a simple dressing recipe and then I tend to stick to it for a long time, like a long time. I am a creature of habit, a happy camper with a jar of good ‘ol balsamic vinegar, olive oil and spoonful of mustard seeds.  So I decided to mix things up a a bit. I know… crazy! This tangy and super simple basil dressing is the perfect friend for your veggies and your tastebuds. I also recommend using it as a light marinade for grilled veggies, tofu or protein of your choice.


a good handful of fresh basil
1 large garlic clove

1/4 cup diced red onion
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 cup of olive oil

1/2 cup of white wine vinegar
salt + pepper to taste

*Optional 4-5 walnut halves if you tolerate nuts


In a small food processor, blend the basil, walnuts, garlic and lemon juice, adding just enough olive oil and vinegar to reach your desired consistency. Store in a small jar


* Best if used fresh, but will keep up to three days in the refrigerator

* Mixed with greek yogurt it would make a delicious chip or vegetable dip

For some extra inspiration or looking for the BEST dressings and sauces check out the delicious things over at Tessemaes Dressings. Their dressings and sauces have minimal ingredients, V/GF/DF/SF, Whole30 approved and full of flavor!

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