The Beginning


 take care of each other

If there is a ‘right’ way to do your first blog post, someone should write a blog about that. I am laughing to myself because for whatever reason, typing up my first blog post is more intimidating than I thought. So, rather than worrying about saying the right thing or continuously wiping off these sweaty hands as I type, I better just get down to it.

This is Kilts & Kale. Welcome!

This might be a good time to explain where the name came from. Kilts: my favorite color is plaid and we live in Scotland + Kale: I am enthusiastic about healthy eating and I love my veggies = Kilts & Kale, a blog dedicated to travel and cooking.

I have a few hopes for this space. I want it to be an easy way for my grandparents to keep track of us kids while we are away.

I want a way to document our life abroad. God has provided in mighty ways for this adventure to happen and we are truly humbled to be where we are.

I want to archive our best experiences, favorite places, best-loved recipes and other bits and bobs from our life abroad.

2015 is the beginning of our fifth year of marriage; my ten-year high school reunion and the first year we have not lived 30 minutes from our families. We moved to Edinburgh, Scotland exactly four months ago today. We are still adapting to the newness of it all. It is the beginning of new responsibilities; a new job for me and the start of a PhD for him. It is the beginning of a new project; entertained with researching, preparing, cooking vegetarian and gluten-free recipes that I would one day like to turn into a cookbook (a girl can dream).

The beautiful thing about beginnings is that they don’t just happen on January 1st. Beginnings are not confined to the moment we lift that fresh and unmarked month on the wall calendar. Each day is a new beginning. God bestows on us the grace to make each day new. A fresh start for whatever our beginnings may be. “For from his fullness we have received, grace upon grace.” John 1:16. Thanks be to God that we can live freely, creatively, in unity and relationship with one another each and every day. Thanks for sharing life with us!